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Please see bottom of the page for category definitions.


Junior (Grades 8-10)

Animation (Classical/2D/3D/Stop Motion)

Public Service Announcement or Promotional Video (30 or 60 seconds)


Music Video

Narrative Drama

Narrative Comedy

Narrative Thriller/Horror/Action

Experimental & Alternative Films


Senior (Grades 11-12)

Senior Classical / 2D Animation

Senior 3D / Stop Motion Animation

Public Service Announcement or Promo Video (30 or 60 seconds)


Music Video

Narrative - overall theme is serious and Dramatic

Narrative – overall theme is Comedic including Mockumentary

Narrative Thriller/Horror/Action

Experimental & Alternative Films

Action / Lifestyle


Open (Grades 8-12)

Long Form (up to 30 minutes)

Mentored Films (up to 10 minutes)


Category Definitions:


Public Service Announcement (PSA) vs. Promo/Commercial: PSAs support a cause/position; commercials/promos are endorsing a product or company.


Documentary: Often called a “visual essay”, these are typically educational/informative in nature. If your movie describes a person, place or event, it is likely a documentary.


Music Video: A film used to accompany original music.


Narrative Drama: Overall theme is serious and Dramatic. An inciting incident, rising action, climax style film. This is the most common form of student movie.


Narrative Comedy: Overall theme is Comedic including Mockumentary. Same as above, but with a strong reliance on humour.


Experimental & Alternative Films: Stylized content that does not follow a standard narrative or documentary structure.

Mentored Films: These are films that have had significant outside support and mentorship throughout the entire filmmaking production process, but are still made by a student(s). This is an open category for students in grades 8-12.

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