BCSFF Film Submission Categories

  • Animation

    • Junior 

    • Senior Classical / 2D:  Cel or frame-based productions that incorporate traditional techniques to create the animation. These may be hand-drawn/scanned or composed wholly on the computer. 

    • Senior 3D / Stop Motion:  Both Stop Motion and 3D Animation rely on the “posing” of models/puppets over time to create the Animation.

  • Junior

    • Public Service Announcement (30 or 60 seconds): PSA’s support a cause/position; commercials are endorsing a product or company.

    • Documentary: Often called a “visual essay”, these are typically educational/informative in nature. If your movie describes a person, place or event, it is likely a documentary.

    • Music Video: A film used to accompany original music. 

    • Narrative Drama - overall theme is serious and Dramatic:  An inciting incident, rising action, climax style film.  This is the most common form of student movie.

    • Narrative Comedy – overall theme is Comedic including Mockumentary: Same as above, but with a strong reliance on humour. 

    • Experimental: Stylized content that does not follow a standard narrative or documentary structure.

  • Senior (see above for descriptions)

    • Public Service Announcement (30 or 60 seconds)

    • Documentary

    • Music Video

    • Narrative - overall theme is serious and Dramatic

    • Narrative – overall theme is Comedic including Mockumentary

    • Experimental

    • Action / Lifestyle

    • Promotional

    • Spoken Word

  • Exploration of Natural World;  Bryn Hutchinson award

This new category is for films that explore the world we live in. Using any style (narrative, documentary, promotional, experimental, PSA, action lifestyle) the film must have a strong focus on the environment.

  • Long Form (10-30 minutes any style) - 1 age category (junior/senior only)