BCSFF 2021 Official Rules   


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Acceptable submissions are limited to student productions that are produced, directed, planned and technically executed entirely by students in British Columbia, Canada. The involvement of parents, teachers and professionals is limited to non-creative roles (ie. technical advice, funding).

  • Only students from grades 4 through 12 are eligible. For mixed grade students, entry level is determined by the highest grade of all students involved with the production. 

  • NEW: films can be submitted to one category only.

  • Non-students may be used as actors and for voice-overs as long as they were directed by students.

  • Due to the cancellation of last year's festival, film submissions may include productions completed after March 2019. Productions can only be submitted to the festival once.

  • Total running time, including credits, is no longer than 10 minutes for Grades 4-12 with the exception of the category LONG FORM which accepts entries from grades 8-12 in any style with a running time between 10-30 minutes including credits.

  • Individuals may enter as many productions as they wish; however, EACH ENTRY MUST BE SUBMITTED SEPARATELY.

  • All students submitting videos for adjudication must be sponsored by a teacher. That teacher must be a teacher in British Columbia.

  • Submissions my not include any

    1. copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright owner,

    2. false or defamatory statements about any person or any third party,

    3. third party trademarks that suggest affiliation with any trademark owner without the permission of such owner

    4. profanity, nudity, depictions of violence, threatening language, bullying, inappropriate, indecent, harmful, discriminatory, or obscene content as determined by BCSFF, in their sole and absolute discretion;

    5. depiction of an act which is dangerous or suggests any person to undertake a dangerous activity. All Submissions must be in keeping with British Columbia Student Film Festival's image, as determined by the leadership festival committee of BC Film Teachers and jurors with their sole and absolute discretion. BCSFF shall have the right, but not the obligation, to review the Entries for compliance with these entry requirements. Submissions including unsuitable content or that are in , or alleged to be in , violation will be disqualified. BC Film teachers are encouraged to run any content questions by the leadership committee prior to submission into the festival. BCSFF leadership committee and jurors retain sole discretion as to what constitutes unsuitable content and will not be liable in any way for disqualified entries.


Entry Deadlines

All entries must be received by April 30th, 2021 @ 4:00 pm. 
No late submissions will be accepted.  If you miss the deadline, you may be able to submit next year.


Entry Fees

$25.00 (Cdn) per entry

By entering the festival, you are granting BCSFF non-exclusive rights to retain an archive copy of your production for the non-profit purposes of exhibition, promotion and education. All entries may be posted on our Vimeo page or other medias for educational use.

Copyright Warnings

Entrants are encouraged to create productions that consist entirely of original material, including music, graphics, visuals etc. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION MUST BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR APPLICATION AS NECESSARY.  By entering the B.C. Student Film Festival, you are declaring that the material in your production is either entirely original or, you obtained proper, legal permission to use someone else’s copyrighted material.

  • For popular songs, you must submit copies of express written consent from both the publisher and the record company which state your name, the name of your production, the title of the song, the names of the composer, performer and publisher and any specific limitations on the use of the song.

  • To use images from books, newspapers, television, videos, video games etc., you must have written permission – unless they are incidental to the shot (see below).

  • Material available on the internet is not considered to be in the public domain. Material is only in the public domain if it is older than 50 years, and/or the copyright holder has explicitly given up all rights to the material

  • The “Fair Use Clause” in copyright law applies only to very limited and specific uses; it does not apply to any material shown to the public in our festival.

  • Historic footage ie. footage from World War II must be checked thoroughly for the copyright holder....check the video for a publishing company. This company will need to be contacted to obtain permission.

  • Visuals that are incidental to the shot are exempt from having to provide permissions.
    For Example:   Branded clothing that people are wearing as a natural part of their every day wardrobe, cars that appear in the shot, products that people use, images that people are watching on TV that are incidental to the shot.



  • Documented proof indicating permission to use such materials must accompany your entry. This means copies of all letters of permission. Documentation and permission documents must be emailed to bcstudentfilmfestival@gmail.com when you submit your film.

  • If using copyright cleared music, original music, or “buy out library music”, please include a description of this on the entry form.