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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student. Do I need a teacher or parent/guardian to accompany me at the festival and workshops? Yes! Please chat with your teacher and/or parent(s)/guardians about attending the festival. Students must be accompanied by a teacher sponsor/adult chaperone at the workshops and festival. The BCSFF is not responsible for students once they leave the workshop and awards gala venues.

I am a teacher. Can I pop into the workshops and check them out? Yes!

Do teachers have to pay for workshop registration? No.

Can I take the same workshop twice in one day? No. To allow as many people as possible to experience what we have to offer, you must select different workshops.

What if I don't want to select a backup option? In the event a workshop is sold out and your first option is not available, and you have not selected a backup, we will put you in the next available workshop.

What is included with my registration fee? If you register for the 2-day event, your registration includes 4 workshops, lunch on Friday, morning snacks both days, and entry into the Awards Gala. If you register for Friday only, your registration includes 3 workshops, lunch, morning snacks, and entry into the Awards Gala. If you register for Saturday only, your registration includes 1 workshop, a morning snack, and entry into the Awards Gala.

I got my workshop schedule and I am not in the same workshop as my friend! Can I change which workshop I am in so we can be in the same one? Unfortunately space is super limited. We do our best to give you your first workshop picks, but sometimes we have to put you in a different time slot of your preferred workshop to accommodate scheduling needs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

Does the BCSFF offer any accommodation discounts? Unfortunately we do not offer any discounts on accommodation. Teachers/schools are responsible for securing accommodations. Check out our accommodations page for some of the more affordable options in Vancouver.

Still have questions? Email us! 

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