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Animation: Participants will be situated in one of our state-of-the-art Animation Labs and be guided in using 2D Animation software to explore a few of the 12 Animation Principles.  No animation experience necessary, just a willingness to try it out! 

Visual Effects (VFX): Students will get an introduction to After Effects where they’ll get the chance to animate text in 3D space.


Costuming: Students will dress up with costumes pieces provided from the Costume Department’s stock to create well known characters from film and theatre. 

Camera (Cinematography): A basic lighting demonstration on a set will give an overview to creating a mood. Once the mood is established, the attendees will be put to work as actors, camera operators, dolly grips and focus pullers using industry standard equipment to shoot a scene. As an integral part of the team, the attendees will also be able to experience the sound mixer/boom positions of a film set.

*NEW* For 2023: Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) VFX Careers Workshop: Are you a fan of Star Wars? Want to know what it's like to work on films like Black Panther, Aquaman and Harry Potter? Are you interested in pursuing a career in Visual Effects and want to learn more about the different pathways into the industry? This workshop is for you! Founded by George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) in 1975, Industrial Light and Magic is the leading effects facility in the world, with studios in Singapore, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Mumbai and our very home, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

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