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Updated April 28, 2024 - Please note workshop days(s) and times

ARRI Mini LF Camera Demo (Friday only)

Under the watchful eye of VFS cinematography instructors, students are taught how the camera, when used properly, can be one of the most powerful tools in storytelling. Students will come away with a general understanding of composition, camera placement, and lens selection through the lighting of a subject for camera


Sound in Cinema (Friday only)

Sound is an integral part of a film’s narrative. Learn how sound is designed and built for a true cinematic experience.


Makeup as a Key Production Element (Friday morning and Saturday morning only)

Makeup is about more than just ‘glam’. Discover how production makeup is a powerful filmic element that helps reveal character and tell a memorable story.


Intro to Screenwriting

Acquire the screenwriting basics needed to write your first short screenplay.


Intro to Writing for Video Games (*NEW* Friday 9:45am and 12:30pm only)

Learn the intricate nuances that separate writing for the video game industry from other creative writing mediums.


Intro to Voice Acting (*NEW* Friday only)

Learn the fundamentals of voice acting for animation and video games.


Intro to On-Camera Acting (*NEW* Friday only)

Learn the fundamentals of acting for the screen from working actors.


Intro to Visual Storytelling

Film is one of the most powerful visual art forms. Learn to create a narrative arc using a storyboard card deck and your imagination.


Intro to Storyboarding (*NEW* Friday afternoon only)

Learn storyboarding fundamentals that will help you plan and communicate your creative vision; no drawing skills required.


Intro to Animation & Visual Effects

Explore the powerful 3D & VFX industry, with an emphasis on motion capture and green screen techniques.


The Role of the Producer (Saturday only)

The producer plays a vital role in every step of a film’s creation. Students will learn not only what a producer does to get a project funded and produced, but also what can be done after the film is made and ready for distribution.

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