BCSFF 2019 Workshops   


The Actor’s Director: How to get the most out of your actors – Chilton Crane

From casting to being on set, this workshop will deal with relationship between the Director and the Actor communication. The focus will be on the Director in you and how to express to an actor (incorporating their experience) what you want them to do so you can get the best casting and the best performance for your film. We will deal hands on with casting, blocking and rehearsing, and “action”!


Lighting Workshop – Aerlan Barrett

This workshop will introduce the students to film lighting. The language of placement, the different kinds of quality, color and style. Most cinematographers have a natural approach to camera placement, lens choice and coverage but lighting is what truly makes them stand out. The students will walk away with theory, a chance to practice manipulating and controlling light with the challenge of recreating the lighting design of famous shots from films.


Kinetic Typography – Scott Hastings

Putting text on screen can be pretty simple, but start making it fly, spin, zoom or twitch and you’ve a whole other challenge. Learn the basics of Adobe After Effects to make text and graphics like you might see at the beginning of movies and videos or before and during newscast or onscreen during You Tube videos. Learn about typography and animation in this hands on and creative workshop.


Social Media for Filmmakers – Patrick Sauriol

In this workshop you will learn how you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hashtags and growth hacking to get free exposure for your films. Learn strategy, how to engage with strangers, and how to handle criticism and trolls from getting the best of you.