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Located in one of the world’s largest creative meccas, Vancouver Film School (VFS) is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution, offering an immersive curriculum in film, animation, game, design, and beyond. VFS’s production-based education is taught by industry professionals and delivered in accelerated time frames. With 12 advanced industry programs to choose from, students graduate in 12 months as in-demand creative professionals with powerful portfolios that will serve as their industry calling card. In 2023, alumni were credited on 8 of the top 10 domestic grossing films, 7 of the 10 best-selling games, and 8 of the 10 most streamed shows, in a global industry valued at over US$2.3 trillion.VFS is recognized as the #1 Global Animation School (Animation Career Review), the #1 Game Design School in Canada (Princeton Review Journal), and a Leading Film School Worldwide (The Hollywood Reporter), amongst other accolades.

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