Adjudication Process                               


Entries will be screened before our panel of adjudicators which is composed of film industry professionals and festival alumni who will select the winning entries. Winning filmmakers will be notified prior to the festival.  Special Craft Awards will be announced at the awards gala event during the festival itself.

2021 Judge Bios:  


Amanda Blake:

Amanda Blake is a 2nd year film student at Simon Fraser University completing a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film Production with a minor in Creative Writing. Within Simon Fraser's program she has been able to dabble in all aspects of film production, and though she is still deciding on her focus, she has taken particular interest in cinematography, writing, and producing. Amanda's notable awards include Best Narrative Drama and Best Female Director at the 2019 BCSFF and Best Screenplay at the 2019 ReelYouth film festival for her work on "Changing Gears," and Top Filmmaker at the 2019 Reel Stars Film Festival. Amanda hopes to pursue independent filmmaking professionally after university, perhaps by starting her own production company.

Clementine Bardonner:

Clementine is a Vancouver and Vancouver Island based filmmaker focusing on narrative and experimental films. She is currently in her second year at SFU majoring in their film program. In her first year at SFU she wrote and directed two experimental shorts along with working on numerous of her classmate’s short films. Having not attended any film festivals yet, Clementine has taken part in many theatre events and festivals. This including the 2018 North Island Regional Drama Festival where she co-directed the one act play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell. After graduating Clementine intends on pursuing a career in film as a director with independent based work.

Katie Christing:

Katie is currently a first-year film student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. While her expertise is in Narrative Drama and Comedy-based films, she is experimenting with the thrill of Horrors. Stemming from a background in theater and improv, she has found a passion for directing and screenwriting. This has led her to direct and produce many of her own short films such as "Rut," "Do You Hear Yourself?," and "La Luminosité." Among these projects, she has loved working on her peers' short films by helping with editing, cinematography, and sparking ideas. After entering in the US National PTA Look Within Film Festival, Katie has pushed to inspire others to experience the excitement that festivals bring. Upon completing university, she plans on telling the world as many stories as she can while still managing to fit in a couple of handstand competitions and sunscreen appointments.

Kim Cleroux

Kim Cleroux is a young female filmmaker, currently in her second year at SFU film. She has been working as a director and production designer for local films since 2017, with a focus on experimental films. She has credits on over 30 local student films, with the majority of the credits under Production Design. In 2019, she won the award for the best spoken-word piece at the BCSFF, alongside nominations for most promising filmmaker and best female director. Her passion lies within creating an experience and world within the production and has recently started to widen her range by branching out to theatre and television.

Santi Henderson:

Santiago is a Brazilian-Uruguayan filmmaker based out of Vancouver. He is currently a member of the 2022 class in the Film Production program at Simon Fraser University. His work has been selected to screen at the Vancouver Short Film Festival, the IATSU Film Festival, and the Capital City Film Festival. Recent projects include WNSB News and Studio Spaced.